ABC: A Better Choice for your Small Business Needs

Welcome to the story behind ABC Accounting and Business Consulting: A modern-day GPS for the small business owner!

Last summer I took my youngest daughter and a few of her friends to an outdoor park. It had been a while since our last visit, so I plugged our intended destination into my GPS, and we were on our way. As we were driving, my mind flashed back to a few years earlier when I first made this drive with my oldest daughter. Back then the GPS was not a readily available resource, and the trip was a bit more complicated. For 45 minutes, our commute consisted of many stops and starts. We eventually made it to our destination, but not without time-consuming setbacks and moments of frustration. This time around, however, as I made my way back to this same park with ready ease due to my GPS, I couldn’t help but give thanks for a guidance system.   

Statistics show that 80% of most small business ventures fail in the first year.

Finances are a critical pain point for most business owners which they often overlook until the last minutes of tax season. This has devastating effects.  Most times this is because these businesses lack a guidance system to help them navigate financial roads. This is why we are here!   

Here at ABC Accounting, we are committed to being your small business GPS, taking the pain and frustration out of your business endeavors. It is our goal to help you better understand how to use your financial records to attain your business goals.

I started ABC Accounting Services after the prompting of a few family members and friends who were struggling with their business ventures. As a Certified Public Accountant, I recognized the importance of good financial records, but I soon realized that business owners needed help interpreting the information contained in these reports. They needed a GPS to lead them to specific goals, such as:  increasing their income, minimizing their tax burden, planning for retirement, avoiding IRS penalties, or simply figuring out how they could work less and make more in their business.

Our greatest business motivation, here at ABC Accounting, is to be a resource that guides you to financial competency. Like a good GPS, we can take the scary and unfamiliar roads of finances together. Along the way, we will discover they were never all that scary after all.

Contact me today to discover how ABC can be a GPS towards your financial and small business goals!


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