"Annette Brown’s expertise as an accountant and business advisor has been invaluable to our company over the past 15 years. Her business and financial acumen has afforded me the opportunity to leverage and focus on my passion as an ECE educator. She has an amazing intuitive quality about business and finance. Annette skillfully guides you through the legalese, technical terms and tax codes in a way that is respectfully instructive and empowering. She’s truly a Pro who can adapt to any business owner’s level or need. I recommend Annette Brown without hesitation"

Kimberlee Hendricks A Child's Space Early Learning and Literacy Center

“After extremely favorable response to my handmade jewelry, there were several requests from friends and family to make custom made pieces for them. So, I decided to start a handmade jewelry business. I bought some inventory and started making pieces for clients, with fairly good results, although I had trouble pricing the pieces. I didn't have a real business plan and after 6 months was still struggling to make progress. Annette used to do my income tax and one day we discussed the burgeoning jewelry business. Over the next six months, through monthly strategy consultations, Annette helped me in several key areas, including: a) Creating a realistic business plan which aligns with my goals for life and included measurable steps b) Helping me to systematically price my products, taking into account all expenditures and the target market c) Helping me to create strategies to systematically build my business over time. Annette took the time to listen carefully to my hopes and dreams and then helped me to use financial strategies to begin to make those dreams a reality. For me Annette's help was invaluable.”

Lora Pilgrim Lumine Designs Custom Jewelry